The Shadwell Children's Playground is located within Holywell Park on Holywell Lane. It consists of a small enclosed area, most of which is rubber surfaced, in which there is play equipment (swings, roundabout, climbing frame, slide, etc) suitable for young children, a large open area of grass with rubber surfaced goal areas at either end, one of which incorporates a basketball hoop, a landscaped area with seating, a picnic area with a picnic table, and a car park. Shadwell in Bloom has recently reviewed the mixture of hedging plants around the perimeter on behalf of Shadwell Parish Council and the possibility of further planting of mature trees.

A recent meeting with Leeds City Council has resulted in upgrades and some refurbishing in the play apparatus area. The drainage work carried out in 2013 has improved all weather use of the larger games area.


Contact Gill Knowles on 273-7477 for details of the Playground Committee or Norman Taylor on 273-7393 to learn more.