Many people have given up their time for free to contribute to this website.

Simon Dobson developed the site originally in 2010 with the assistence of Thea Jordan, and redeveloped it in 2017. He maintained the site until Norman Taylor took over in December 2013, ably assisted by Richard Vincent.

Much of the original content was provided by John Gostling and Debbie Potter.

The Allotments page was originally written by Sue Naylor.

The herb information on the Herb Beds page was originally written by Liz Hutton.

The Wild Flowers page was originally written by Sue Fallon.

The article on the Churchyard was written by Paul Bell.

The article on the Garden of Rememberance was originally written by Celia Wroe and Richard Wells.

The Facebook page was set up by Kay Thompson and shares features with other pages within Shadwell.


The site background was digitally manipulated from an image on

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